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Profile Review Service

First Impressions Count:

What does yours say about you?

Whether you believe in love at first sight, or not, you can't argue that first impressions count. It takes just seven seconds of meeting someone, for people to form a solid impression of who you are (even less than that to decide if you are trustworthy. You may think a second meeting 'do-over' could change all that. Sorry, there's research about that too.

A Harvard study shows that to change another person's negative opinion of you - you'll typically need eight positive encounters before it might come right. That is a heck of a lot of do-overs!

Or, you could just get it right the first time.


Your online dating profile is YOUR first impression. Before you meet face-to-face, it is the ONLY way others decide to swipe, text or date you. There's lot riding on that little written blurb and a few photos. Are you clearly painting the picture of who YOU are and WHO you are looking for?

We are in the business of making sure your 'business card' (aka online dating profile) advertises the best of what you have to offer and clearly sets out with CONFIDENCE, about what you are looking for in a genuine match. 

Online dating is not a lolly scramble or lucky dip. You are not REALLY going to be satisfied with 'whoever' turns up. If you're after a family-oriented, adventure seeker that loves going to church on a Sunday; do you really want to date the band roadie that can't remember his kids' names (or where they live) and loathes the great outdoors.

Taking the time to engineer your profile is worth the effort. It is the beginning of your 'marketing plan for a mate'. You'll more than make up for the investment now with targeted dates and precious time with potentials (not mis-matches).

What you'll get:

  • A full review and feedback on your current profile and pics
  • self-assessment to complete about you and your perfect relationship ideas
  • A diagnosis for at least three ways your profile can be improved (with additional comments on dating site considerations)
  • An opportunity to discuss your dating plan over a :60 minute Zoom consultation [valued at 150]
  • Some HomePlay for you to 'take action' by updating your profile & pics based on our review and diagnosis)
  • Additional written comments on up to two further 'new and improved' profile & pics that you supply 
Just like there is no point in fishing without a hook, you might be wasting your time and effort wishing your profile is doing the trick.
It's time to take action and make sure that your 'first impression' counts. Let us help you.