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Real Me Better We: eBook & Your Own LOVE Coach

Still searching for your perfect partner? It’s time to get real.

Stop shopping at the bargain bin of online dating. You’re not ‘unlucky’ at love, ‘too picky’ or ‘unlovable’. Most of us just never learned the basics of relationships let alone how to use digital dating to find lasting love. Until now.

Real Me Better We will change how you date and relate, take your love life to the next level, and guide you from single to success in 10 simple steps.

Reading the book you will:

  • Unlock the attitude and MINDSET you need to welcome love into your life
  • Discover how your past PATTERNS and blind spots are holding you back
  • Reveal vital essentials to get RELATIONSHIP-READY
  • CLARIFY what YOU define as a ‘successful relationship’
  • Grow your CONFIDENCE as a dater and effective user of digital tools
  • Create an AUTHENTIC profile and presence to use online and when dating
  • COMMIT to making love happen and finding a genuine connection

In Real Me Better We, best-selling author Dr Jordan Alexander invites you to ‘get real’, learn to navigate your heart and decode digital dating.

This bundle also includes a 90-minute personal session with Dr Jordan Alexander to help you review your relationship-ready insight and help develop your dating plan - or time to ask any questions you might have on your intentional dating journey.

Love takes two. It starts with you.


Jordan Alexander is an international best-selling author, speaker and relationship expert committed to transforming how humans date and relate. Now happily married, her past love life was littered with landmines, including a learner driver dating disaster (I Love You, Send Money, Pangaea Press). Having done it the hard way, she founded Love Assist Associates to offer tips and tools to make it easier for genuine love seekers to succeed. Jordan also started the Learning for Living Academy to offer real people, real learning to “enjoy a life you don’t need a vacation from”. She has led strategic and change projects across North America and Australasia and is passionate about coaching women entrepreneurs and leaders. The author has been featured in NZ Business, The Sun UK, Woman’s Day, 7 News, New York Post, Hawaii News and The Daily Mail, Australia. She is blessed to live with Rick and the girls in the coolest little capital in the world. When not in windy Wellington, Jordan is off discovering places and exploring cultures that feed her new adventures to write about. 

What People Are Saying:

There is so much information in this guide that anyone contemplating online dating will have a fantastic foundation to help them find a compatible partner.

This year, if you read just one relationship book, make it Real Me Better We by Dr Jordan Alexander.

Tammy Ruggles

Having also struggled with doubts and insecurities, I found it refreshing to see Dr Jordan dispel some of these doubts and help me reconstruct my beliefs about relationships.

I love how Dr JMA starts with a quiz to assess its reader's readiness for a relationship...it makes the book incredibly personalized.

Cassie Widjaja

The exercises were fantastic - encourages deep self-reflection and gives clarity... Dispels many myths... Gives steps to protect you from online scammers.

Ten simple steps provide the training to use what is within your control to ensure relationship success... The HeartSmart Way sets the bar for realistic expectations about finding love online.

Vincent Dublado

Build a strong foundation of self-confidence and an appreciation of your self-worth and unique qualities... Find a long-lasting relationship in the shortest possible time.

Lesley Jones

Dr JMA writes in a friendly professional tone, like a therapist you can trust.