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Speak Up-Stand Out-Succeed: Authentic Leadership Transformation for Female Professionals

Are you a professional that's keen to make your mark, but unsure where to start? 

Do you have something to say, but can't clearly tell (& sell) your story?

Ready to overcome what's holding you back - even if that might be you?

Being a woman leader can be exhausting - but also exhilarating and full of possibility. They say, when you get tired, learn to rest, not quit. Sometimes taking time out amongst a sea of responsibilities, to-do's and should's can be easier said then done.

Competing priorities and inherent industry 'challenges' can cause anxiety and overwhelm. Meanwhile, as a successful, driven professional, you are keen to make a difference: to your community, the sector and your colleagues. 

If you work as an engineer, planner or in construction/infrastructure - or are amongst the professionals in law, accounting, academia or policy & regulation - you likely face an added layer of complexity in your work. Often industries with a long history have perpetuated bias and 'ways of doing things around here' that contribute to the turbulence in the workplace often cited by women leaders.

Technical professionals also tend to face challenges in the 'soft skills' arena when managing other 'pointy-headed' princesses and princes (aka smart and well-educated (opinionated) people) requires patience and growing your emotional intelligence. At times, even when we are doing our best, it can seem like the universe plays its game of sending obstacle after challenge, after obstacle to test us. Fortunately, with the help of experience, the latest leadership research, experience, neuroscience and mindfulness, you can learn to navigate the noise, step up and stand out to your true leadership potential.

Why fight to fit in, when you were born to STAND OUT?

You know you're exceptional, talented and a technical expert with excellence. So how do you go from great to remarkable? Extraordinary? Stand out? 

Transformational Leadership Development for Female Professionals was created with you in mind...

You'll find joy, fulfilment, passion and purpose as you explore your own authentic leadership style, presence and position. You'll learn to find the 'off switch' and navigate the noise to awaken your authenticity and align actions that breathe life into that legacy you know you were born to achieve.

This quick-start, intensive and intentional learning program combines the benefits of different learning options - one-on-one and group coaching, plus online learning and spotlight coaching to ensure you are well-equipped to continue your leadership journey.

What you'll get:

  • Self-directed online learning with our 7-Step STAND OUT for SUCCESS Program [value 3500] designed for professionals with purpose including these learning modules:
  1. Awaken Authenticity We'll conduct a Reputation Reality Check as part of your 'you are here' situational assessment and priority setting
  2. Architect Your Legacy You'll learn to integrate your passion, purpose, professional and personal goals into ONE LIFE that you don't need a vacation from
  3. Focus Your Brand Discover your Leadership Brand, Explore your Professional Positioning & Grow your Presence
  4. Build Success Skills Like gaining confidence, clarity and communication alongside self-awareness, mindfulness, negotiation and managing conflict 
  5. Take Brave & Bold Steps Ensure your actions are aligned and authentic, jettison emotional baggage and learn to don your own oxygen mask
  6. Connect via Inspired Engagements Find your tribe, tackle the tough stuff, and present with Sophia Loren style, Audrey Hepburn poise and P!nk's bold, brave beautiful
  7. Commit to Never Give Up You'll not stop until its done, learn to rest rather than quit, and get results, rinse and repeat
  • You'll complete your transformation with support, tools and techniques to help you step up and stand out.
  • Each module comes complete with :20 minute webinar introduction to the content, checklists and practice exercises
  • You'll be empowered to make better decisions, drive change within your organization and industry and enjoy, not endure your work and life balance.

You'll ALSO be entitled to a 6 month "coaching subscription" which entitles you to individual and group coaching sessions up to 180 minutes each month [value 6000]

  • PLUS 3x breakthrough sessions at up to :120 minutes for those times when you hit a roadblock and need to clear some space to proceed [value over 1000] 

And AFTER you STEP UP and STAND OUT - we'll still stick with you for an additional 12 months to lock in the learning and provide you support with:

THAT's over 12000 of value over 18 months of transformation - how many learning companies and coaches offer THAT much ongoing support! None I can think of - have a look for yourself.

Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it. Lots to learn, focus on and achieve, and you'll never have to do it alone.

I'll be here with you every step of the way...

I'm a pointy-headed princess myself, so I know what it's like working with technical professionals. For the past 25 years, I've managed teams, developed strategies for, and been a part of governance in technical industries across the globe. I've been involved with professional organisations like on the board of Survey & Spatial NZ, and a member of the Canadian and NZ Institutes of Planners, Chartered Institute of Transport and Institute of Transport Engineers. I hold a PhD in cross-cultural landscapes from Auckland, a Master's in Transport Planning from Windsor, and a BA in geography from Queen's in Kingston. I'm an internationally ICF certified coach (ACC), have worked in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. I've founded start-ups, been CEO, General Manager, counted cars, planned parks, cycling lanes and tax policy. I love all things infrastructure, people, places and am DEDICATED to helping women succeed, especially when supporting initiatives that make the world a better place. I'm an international best-selling author, speaker and have had the honour and privilege of working with amazing corporates, not-for-profits and government organizations:

I'd love to work with you too.

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If you want to be your best self, transform to be an amazing authentic leader and live a fabulous life - start by investing in yourself. Use this program as a runway for your success to take flight - to position your authentic leadership and lead your legacy as a professional with purpose.

Don't wait any longer to fulfil your legacy. Help is just a click away. 

Awaken your authenticity. Align your action.

Let's do this!

At our first session we'll make sure your program is the right fit and format for you. Please book in a clarity call with me to fully understand your circumstances and the best learning options that will lead to your greatest success.

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You know you were born for this...

Step Up. Stand Out. Succeed.