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I Love You, Send Money eBook

A cautionary true story of love lies and ... online scams
Jordan Alexander, PhD brings this wild true story to life. A deeply personal account of being duped by pretty words and a perfect profile, her heart-breaking story made headlines worldwide. She hopes to help others avoid similar heartbreak. You’ll laugh with her, cry with her, and hopefully learn the red flags she ignored along the way. This book is a must read for anyone considering, or currently involved in online dating. By 2040, 70% of new relationships will start online. Learn lessons in love and dating in a unique story with a hint of true crime, reality TV and the struggle for the much sought happily-ever-after.

“Sharp and fascinating...an excellent, eye-opening work that fans of social issues, non-fiction, and romantic comedies can enjoy together.” KC Finn

Photos from book launch party, The Library Bar, Wellington NZ

Each chapter of this creative non-fiction book is paired with food and wine, mood music and art, that leaves a lasting impression in your reading experience. You’ll meet “Alexis” a bubbly, warm and cultured Gemini who loves wine and beach walks but who struggles to find time for relationship with work and family commitments; and “James” a successful railway consultant that travels the world, adores his teenage son, and feels it’s time to love again after losing his wife to cancer eight years prior. I Love You, Send Money provides you with premium seating to get intimate in this modern day fairy tale of Internet dating with a twist. It brings new meaning to the saying: All’s fair in love and war.

Jordan Alexander is an international best-selling author, speaker, and relationship expert committed to transforming how humans date and relate. Now happily married, her past love life was littered with landmines, including a learner driver dating disaster (I Love You, Send Money). Her heart-breaking experience led her to begin Love Assist Associates to provide smart and safe dating advice, coaching and courses, plus free tools to avoid scammers. The Canadian born author lives in Wellington New Zealand, and has featured in NZ Business, The Sun UK, Woman’s Day, 7 News, New York Post, Hawaii News and The Daily Mail, Australia. Jordan hopes that her own true love story will help others on their journey to happily ever after. Keep trying as it’s never too late to find love. DrJMAlexander.com


Love Assist Associates

What People Are Saying:

‘This sharp and fascinating work explores the ever-growing phenomena of relationships that start online, and in learning who to trust and how such dynamics work (or don’t work) in the modern day … Author Jordan M Alexander pens her social commentary as a reality read, and I really loved the atmospheric inclusions of food, drink, music and visual stimuli which became as essential to the reading experience as the plot itself … Overall, an excellent and eye-opening work that fans of social issues, non-fiction, and romantic comedies can enjoy together.’

KC Finn

‘Jordan M Alexander is a master with words. She has sprinkled her knowledge of various diverse topics … from the scientific facts backing oysters as being aphrodisiacs to stereotypical sheep references … she has included all the right ingredients to keep readers hooked. And hooked, I was! I Love You, Send Money is a much-needed wake-up call for all eager-to-fall-in-love romantics who ignore red flags, even if those flags slap them across their faces. Alexis’ story is the funniest possible version of the truth about online dating…’

Ankita Shukla

‘I Love You, Send Money by Jordan M. Alexander was a riveting read, full of emotion … funny, sad, romantic, and adventurous all in one. The writing style gives you the feeling that you are peering over someone’s shoulder, reading what they write, watching as they fight through the battles of each chapter. Although it is a real story, it was written to feel like a cosy novel … incredibly well-written, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time … a fascinating read.’

Anne Marie Reynolds

‘Couldn’t put this book down, ended up reading it in two days ... Alexander has a cheeky sense of humor that had me laughing out loud, while also crying at predicaments she found herself in … when it ended I wanted to give her a giant fist-bump for standing tall, telling her story, inevitably teaching others important lessons.’

KF, Amazon Review

‘This story is gorgeous. The prose is gorgeous. The characters are gorgeous … Alexander makes online dating feel so real, infusing the story with relatable episodes and realistic scenes that bring it home to readers. I enjoyed the journey the characters take into each other's hearts. But the twist is so good that the effects will linger on after the last page is turned. The characters are written with solid backgrounds, the story is filled with humor, and the descriptive nature of the prose adds a deeper layer to the story's entertaining potential. Jordan M Alexander keeps it real.'

Christian Sia

‘WOW! This was a great, fun and powerful read ... Jordan has an easy style and great use of humour and observation to keep you glued to see what happens next. HIGHLY recommended A+++. I look forward to reading the sequel.’

Jos Dobson

‘Jordan M Alexander is my hero. I Love You, Send Money is ridiculously on point when it comes to the dating experience, and the things that come out of Alexis' mouth and mind, and claw through the pages, are on another level. This is Bridget Jones if Bridget Jones were a real person. She's not—but Alexander is, and the mantra of “humor in adversity” that Alexis adheres to is the theme of this book. The creativity here is astounding and the writing is sublime. Yes, it’s a memoir, but it reads like fab fiction, even when it feels soul-crushing. “I’ve given you everything I have, James, my heart, my time, my love, my finances.” Alexis is in a complete nosedive, a victim with a real story to tell that needs to be read—particularly as it took some serious bravery to write.’

Asher Syed