$995.00 AUD

Being Profile® Assessment & Debrief

Start your transformation journey with a self-assessment to give you a starting point, uncover hidden roadblocks and support deeper lasting change!

What you'll get:

  • An email with a unique LINK to access your own BEING survey (244 questions which will take about 30-60 minutes to complete)
  • Completely confidential and independent end-to-end processing of your results by Engenesis
  • A 2-hour 1:1 exclusive debrief with a BEING Profile Accredited Practitioner
  • A 45-minute follow-up to identify transformation priorities
  • PLUS more bonuses below

You can read more about Engenesis and the BEING Profile here.


Sign up for a transformation coaching package within a month of completing your assessment, and we will credit the cost of your profile to your package price!


Complete your debrief before the end of the year and we will send you a copy of Ashkan Tashvir's new book "Human Being" [24.99 value] FREE!

"Whether you are building a career, a startup, a family, a relationship or an organisation, this book provides you with the tools to identify and transform the elusive root causes behind the blockages holding you back and gives you a lens to observe the same in others. Ultimately, it supports you to prioritise your intentions, express your authentic self, enjoy successful relationships and lead a life of influence, well-being and fulfilment. Discover how to see through your and others' Being by decoding the fundamental qualities that influence our behaviours and decisions and drive our results."


What People Are Saying:

I personally got more value, focus and speedy transformation with the Being Profile pathway than anything else I’ve tried. The metrics around your baseline scores let you track transformation AND I love that it takes you deep, fast. I’m now using it with clients to transform individual performance and building effective teams. I wish I found this tool sooner.

Author & Coach, Australia

Over 3 months, Jordan listened, understood my path and taught me how to love myself. We delved into my past, and she helped me confront issues I buried from old relationships. We worked on how I could go into future relationships stronger and with boundaries. I’ve now met the man of my dreams, but I’m also a stronger and happier person.

Teacher & Solo Mum, Canada

I have been working with Jordan for a year as my coach. I was stuck in my career, love life and spiritually. I worked through so many 'stuck' areas of my life and am no longer living in the past... It has been a liberating experience and I highly recommend Jordan as a business mentor and coach. She is down-to-earth, holds you to your word and helped me get clear about the place I want and need to be. Thank you, Jordan.

Entrepreneur, Brussels