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Online Dater Accelerator: Our 7 Day Love Challenge

Learn 7 Ways to improve your success online in 7 Days - The ODA is the Express Lane to be a Smarter Starter

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

Benjamin Franklin's quote relates to dating as so many people are looking for love online, but so few take the time to "get prepared". Elite athletes don't just take to the field, they practice - practice again - and again. As humans, we often spend more time investigating the pros/cons of buying a particular model of car or appliance, than getting ready to make the most important decision of our lives. Crazy but true. Focusing on simple things, like being really clear on what you are looking for BEFORE you are dating, means you're less likely to be bamboozled by the first pretty face or smooth talker you see. Save your valuable time and effort AND get REAL results faster. If you wait until those love goggles go on - it's all over rover - before you've even begun. Oh, and don't even get me started on why you need to be safe out there and avoid romance scams.

Is this the course for you?

If you've not already taken our FREE Relationship Ready Quiz, I encourage you to do so now. The Online Dater Accelerator course is for you if you've scored "REALLY Ready" for a relationship or "Not Sure" if you are ready. You can listen to more about your Quiz results on our Authentic Living YouTube Channel and think about options available to you. Be sure to take the FREE quiz as often as you like - as sometimes our mood and circumstances affect how we are feeling about looking for love.

The Online Dater Accelerator is a lighter-touch, smarter starter, compared to the Real Me. Better We. course which is more comprehensive and delves a lot deeper into your belief system, clearing some of your long-held (likely barriers to success), and required more time and effort on your part. Both courses offer different content, so if you start with the seven-day love challenge, you can always pick up the Real Me.Better We. course if you want a deeper dive into understanding your relationships. 

What can you expect?

In one week – if you invest just 30 minutes of your time each day – we guarantee you’ll be a smarter and safer dater! After your 'welcome aboard' - you'll re-take the Relationship Ready quiz and then each day for a week, the Online Dater Accelerator course steps you through SEVEN ways to prepare you to be successful online.

*You'll learn:

  • How to cultivate a positive attitude and mindset
  • Reimagine your beliefs about love & relationships
  • Clarify your search for a genuine love connection
  • Make better decisions with self & situation awareness
  • Set & keep boundaries
  • Gain confidence and the courage to act
  • Take action with eyes wide open

Each day introduces a new topic and you'll have reflections and exercises to consider in between. You don't need to do the whole course in a week - taking time in between days allows from more reflection. Go back and review topics and tips for success whenever you like.

What's included?

Sign up for our Online Dater Accelerator – our EXPRESS lane to online dating – TODAY and you’ll get over $250 value including:

  • A new smarter starter topic (as outlined above*) each with an intro video covering the content, reflections and tips for SEVEN smarter starter essentials  
  • Access to our FaceBook Love Assist Community & join our Learning for Living Academy Alumni
  • 20% off future purchases (including vouchers for friends)
  • In one week – invest 30 minutes of your time each day – and you’ll be a smarter and safer dater!

Why not 'date us' with this entry to Love Assist Associates and the Learning for Living Academy. BE a SMARTER STARTER. Learn 7 ways to improve your success online in 7 days.

The Online Dater Accelerator ($97) comes with a satisfaction guarantee so you can shop with confidence!

In one week – invest 30 minutes of your time each day – and you’ll be a smarter and safer dater!

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