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"Awaken your Authenticity & Align your Actions to Enjoy a Life you Don't Need a Vacation from."

Dr Jordan M Alexander


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You can start your learning journey NOW. CHECK OUT our BEST-selling courses with the LINKS below - Where would you like to begin? You REALLY CAN create lasting change in your life - RELAX and remove the problem of CONFLICTING advice, too much information and the STRESS of where to BEGIN. Our tried and tested frameworks have worked for thousands and will help you - STEP-BY-STEP to get the RESULTS you are looking for:

Online Dater Accelerator

The fastest, easiest way to be a smarter safer dater. This mini course covers essentials you need to know for dating & going online.

Learn 7 ways in 7 days!


Real Me. Better We.

Get relationship ready and meet your authentic match! 

Our comprehensive intensive program takes a deep dive to grow your confidence and clarity for success in love.

Are you RELATIONSHIP READY? Find out now...

Tweak My Life

Come find yourself with this entree to The UBU (you-be-you) Practice.

Discover your authentic voice, explore new decision-making, and grow your mindset. Isn't it time. 

Watch COME FIND YOURSELF & Learn about The UBU Practice

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What our community says about working together:

Some EXPERIENCES from our ONLINE Learners,

Coaching CLIENTS & Business PARTNERS: 

"Jordan exemplifies the highest calibre of skills … her excellent interpersonal skills include an ability to relate to people no matter what their ‘level’ … she understands people and what makes them effective."

Manager, Transport Sector

"Because of family responsibilities and work commitments, I never thought I had time for me. With the Love Assist program, I learned techniques for getting relationship ready and how to re-think my beliefs about relationships. It's given me incredible insights and confidence to improve my life. I'm finding time for me - and everyone's happier for it. Thank you."

Single Mom

"I've only had two real relationships my whole life - Finding myself single over 50? I thought 'what am I going to do now?' The Love Assist Real Me.Better We. program helped me learn all about myself and the practical stuff to get online dating. I'm also so grateful for Jordan's coaching and support. I'm dating and having the best time of my life."

Finance Manager, Sydney

"Working with Jordan is never passive or sedentary. As such, she is engaging, stimulating and a pleasure to work with…she exemplifies the highest calibre of skills and is nothing short of impressive…"

Chief Executive
Housing Choices, Australia

"I loved the positivity of change and hope I got from the program event. The self-discovery parts were my favourite and the questions helped me find out more about myself... I'm more aware of the importance of setting personal boundaries with new relationships."


"The training was outstandingly organised and well-researched. Presenters informative and honest. Going through the exercises helped me realise I have more work to do to be relationship ready."

Project Manager

"I have been working with Jordan for a year as my coach. I was stuck in my career, my love life and spiritually. I worked through so many 'stuck' places in my life. I'm no longer living in the past and my expectations are real. I feel like I have found myself, my desire, and am in the present...it has been a very liberating experience...I would recommend Jordan as a coach. She is patient, down-to-earth and holds you accountable in a gentle and loving way. She helped me get to the place where I want to be."

Life Coach, 32, Belgium

"Jordan is my love guru. After a painful marriage split eight years ago, I didn't date and had no interest in trying again. We agreed I would start with the Real Me.Better We. online course and Jordan would coach me between lessons. It was the best thing I've ever done. Within six months I realized how I could do better in relationships and found out more about myself than the whole time I was married and separated. There are no lost causes. I'm now dating and may have met the one for me. Do the course! I'm so glad I did."

Shift Worker, Canada

"I'm so grateful to be able to call Jordan a mentor, friend and confidante. Leading a large organisation has many ups and downs, especially with at-risk communities. Jordan has supported me professionally and personally. I couldn't have done it without her."

General Manager, NZ

"I want to say a huge thank you for all of your help and support. Your encouragement has been invaluable and all of your advice and guidance has helped me to feel more confident in my decision making … You gave me the confidence to continue to talk about issues and the belief that I was doing the right thing … all of your advice and support will help me to do a better job."

Board Chair, WWEP, UK

"Thanks Jordan – really appreciated the quality (and speed) working with you, and it’s been a pleasure to work with you too."

Senior Project Director
Department of Internal Affairs/Te Tari Taiwhenua

"Thanks for your leadership, drive and enthusiasm ... it has been greatly appreciated and admired. I know that the team really enjoyed working with you and have certainly learnt a great deal. I appreciated the challenge you provided to the thinking and the approach to this work."

Executive Director
Office of the Director-General Health, NZ

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