Imagine living a life

you don't need a vacation from...

Our goal is simple:

We exist to support YOU.

We have a simple mission: To SUPPORT you to live a life you don't need a vacation from.

Living your authentic BLISS, HAPPY and HEALTHY, achieving your VISION, GOALS, making changes to improve your life and the life of those around you. We know SUCCESS means different things to different people (how truly exciting)!

So, whatever your LEGACY, we exist to help you make it a REALITY. As a HEART-centred learning organisation, we apply the 'teach a person to fish' PHILOSOPHY, to EMPOWER you to achieve your DREAMS, live an AUTHENTIC life, and enrich our GLOBAL community.

We do this by SPECIALISING in Authentic Living and Loving PROGRAMS and SERVICES, offered in a RANGE of formats, to suit your different learning styles.

Let's take a closer look at OPTIONS you might choose to create RESULTS & lasting CHANGE in your life.

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If not now...when?

LIVE Events

We offer FREE events and paid programs on a range of transformation areas from love and relationships to business strategy and finding your authentic leadership style.

Try a FREE 90-minute FaceBook LIVE webinar like the Christmas Survival Strategies for the Silly Season, or take a week to retreat and Come Find Yourself at a nature-inspired locale, with self-care activities and experiential learning. 

With a range of formats and pricing to match, you'll find the perfect fit for your next learning adventure.

Check out our Calendar for upcoming events.

Check out our Events Calendar

ONLINE Courses

From Simple Starters like the Online Dater Accelerator, through to Comprehensive Intensives like the Real Me. Better We. You will enjoy learning at your own pace with proven frameworks that create results. You'll be part of our online learning community, and engage with other distance learners around the globe.

All our programs feature the latest in neurosciencemindfulness &     behaviour change research. Our learning systems are designed to connect your head, heart and hands with learning tools and action steps  aligned to your values & authentic bliss.

If you are already a coach and want to expand your offer to include authentic living and loving options, check out our certification programs.

Coaching & Mentoring

Celebrities and athletes have known their merit for years. It is great that coaching is now mainstream. Working with a coach empowers you to achieve (and take responsibility for) your own results.

At the Learning for Living Academy, you can enjoy individual coaching as a stand-alone offer, or as a supplement when taking online courses.

We also offer accreditation options to certify Love Assist Associates & UBU Practice coaches.

Discover your authentic voice, explore new decision-making models, and grow your mindset. It's time to make those visions a reality - If not now, when?


Academy Values

We are impeccable with our words
We take on new challenges no matter how scary
We are steadfast guardians of each other
We 'see' and value each learner as unique
We walk our talk
We get things done. We get results
We always do our best
We never underestimate the importance of having fun
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