Reach goals faster: How to eat an elephant with nano transformation


Ah, the promise of a new year with a clean slate ready for resolutions and goals to make THIS year different: a new job, more travel, getting fit or being a bit more Zen. If you want to supercharge your success, add nano transformation to help you eat that elephant, in record time!

1: Check your goal is S-M-A-R-T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

2: Identify the tasks (bites) to reach your goal

Traditional planning typically ends here. It’s often why the ‘just do it’ Post-It note never stays sticky to the end. If you want to lock in success, consider adding just a tiny bit more: Nano transformation.

"Nano transformation is all about focusing your attention on your mindset – converting your plans to action fast – with results that last." Dr JMA

Small changes in our thinking, repeated often, create new neural pathways. You’ll need these to counter that protective part of your brain and its pesky nay-saying voice that screams reasons you won’t reach your goal. New pathways accelerate the action steps you take. It’s like having a phone-a-friend with each nano transformation reinforcing practical steps taken toward your goal.

TIP 1: Write an overflowing WHY list

An essential success step, a WHY list gives context for your goal making it the easiest and fastest way to create mindset building blocks. Write an overflowing list of all the reasons WHY reaching your goal is important to you. The more the better. Keep adding reasons ‘why’ every day for a week and those new neural pathways will be lighting the way to success!

TIP 2: Create new ‘habits’

The saying ‘watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’ illustrates how focus on little things, over time, adds up to big success. Professional athletes practice the basics over and over, creating good habits as the foundation for peak performance. Focus on the small repeatable habits within your direct control and influence, the big stuff takes care of itself.

TIP 3: Link intention and action

Deepen the mindset shifts you’re creating by linking your goal to your actions using an “I am…because…” statement. I am a Camino traveller because I walk every day to build my fitness, I am frugal to save for my travel fund, and I practice Spanish for 10 minutes a day. Want more? Add to your linking exercise to an intention card and read it daily. Throw in a few visualizations, and get ready to change your world!

Add nano transformation to convert your plans to action fast – with results that last. Focus on aligning your mindset and soon you’ll be celebrating achieving your new year goals. Hoorah!

No elephants were harmed in the making of this vlog.

Lek Lek (Tiny) and Jordan in Thailand.


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