New You in 2022 - Invest Wisely


Each new year we receive a wonderful opportunity to contemplate how we make this year different, better. Today we help prepare for a new you in 2022 by focusing on how you invest your efforts wisely in the months ahead. 

We all have borne witness to the escaping sands of time in our global hour glass - between the pandemic and environmental disasters - how do we make sure this year isn't another blur to the finish? Let's explore a few ideas: investing time wisely, doing scary stuff and learning new things...

What is YOUR most important asset? 

Some days I feel like Lucy at the chocolate factory trying to cram every bonbon life offers down my gob (which also explains the menacing menopause measurements). But not all bonbons are equal. How do we choose which opportunities to take and which bonbons we let pass on the conveyor belt (without FOMO creeping in)? Making good decisions takes time.

We know time is limited, but do you view it an 'asset'? Forbes (2018) surveyed 100 successful CEOs: all ranked time as their number one asset. You'd think family, friends, health or money might be first, but nope. “You can never lose time and get it back again," one said. "You can’t spend it and go earn more.” They're not the only time conscious ones out there. Popular books like: More Time to Think, Atomic Habits and The Four Hour Work Week all focus on how we use time better. Even the sequel to Sex in the City, "And Just Like That" time warps twenty years to trials of 50-somethings traversing old world thinking in brave new world shoes. Carrie and her gal pals discover challenges living in a multigenerational space. No more of my dad’s jokes about an Irish, Yank and Ozzie walking into a bar. But is that a bad thing? Grappling with important topics requires braver voices, lots of listening and learning, and time. While the pandemic finds many languishing - for words, actions and some modicum of certainty in the ever-changing box of chocolates called life - the sands of time don't stop. We must make important decisions about how we respond to changing times, continue to grow and overcome uncertainty. Let's not take a minute for granted. This year, choose your bonbons wisely and make every moment matter.

How will you invest your precious time this year?

I have a suggestion - well, Eleanor Roosevelt does (I find her inspiring): Do something every day that scares you.” It’s time to start taking back power for what we CAN control. We can develop our selves, learn to understand each other better, and live with passion and purpose. None of these require a Covid passport - just courage.

What are you afraid of? Would you go for the promotion at work if fear wasn't holding you back? Do you think you're "too old" to enrol in the Spanish class you wanted to start years ago? Afraid to invite someone you ‘like’ on a coffee date as they might say no? What scares each of us is as unique as our thumbprint, but doing scary things is scientifically proven to "inspire exceptional outcomes". Psychologist Amy Bucher tells us “just as there seems to be an optimal level of stress for growth and learning, a certain amount of fear can lead to high performance. Fear signals there's something of consequence on the line, a reason to exert effort.” 

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway allows us to improve our survival instinct. We get stronger and braver as we learn to work through the tough stuff. Let’s face it, 2022 will continue to throw us curve balls. But if we accept the challenge to take small risks, we can and will shrink the fear factor. Let’s blow off this stagnant pandemic lifestyle in at least ONE area of our lives and commit together, to do something this year that scares the pants off us!

I’ll start. I’ve been super nervous to start a podcast "Get Real with Dr JMA". I don't want to look (or sound) foolish if I screw up LIVE. But being authentic is such a hot topic with clients and is at the heart of my work, and new book: Real Me Better We (click to order). Great relationships are key to success at home, at work and with your self. So hey, I’m going to be courageous and commit to start the podcast THIS month (watch for a link and call me out if you don't)! Yikes, I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyways. So what will you do? Please share. I'd love to hear! In the meantime...

Be brave, Be bold, And just like that...

Be a new you in 2022.

Love Jordan xx


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