Leaving a Legacy: Why you should write a book

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Leaving a Legacy: Why you should write a book

The Underground Bookstore in Wellington NZ hosts TUB TALKS on Sunday Nights. 

Dr Jordan Alexander was featured 13 July 2021 where she talked about the importance of leaving legacies and why you should consider writing a book.

If you missed it, you can LISTEN to the podcast here.

In this audio presentation, you'll hear Jordan talk about:

  • Why a legacy gives you meaning and purpose and can curb life's top regrets (like spending too much time at the office or not having the courage to live a life true to yourself)
  • The three common roadblocks people face when writing and how to overcome them:
    • Do I really have something to say?
    • Who am I to call myself a writer?
    • How do you start to write a book anyway?
  • The magic of telling your unique story - and why, as the African proverb goes: Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter
  • What burps and farts have to do with the therapeutic writing process

Maya Angelou said, ...

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